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Rowe Reservoir Water Tank

BBCCSD's Certified Distribution/Treatment Operators

BBCCSD's Water System is served by 8 certified California Department of Public Health (CDPH) operators. CDPH requires that all water personnel be certified as a Distribution Operator and Treatment Operator in the State of California in order to run BBCCSD's Water System. These certification requirements can take a minimum of a year to obtain. Once you obtain these certifications it's not over, CDPH requires that we stay up to date on the most recent advances in the Water Industry by completing continuing education requirements in hours. A certified Water System Operator could be required to obtain as much as 36 hours over a three year period. All this to say that BBCCSD has a large investment in not only the communities health and safety, but also providing you with highly skilled and trained personnel to accomplish this.

Inside Rowe Reservoir Water Facility

Where our water comes from

A large miss conception is that our water comes from Big Bear Lake. People look at Big Bear Lake full of water and think we have plenty. But the real story is that all the water in the Big Bear Valley comes from Wells pumping water out of the ground and Springs that are totally dependent on precipitation. So we are totally self dependent and we do not have any connections with water down the hill. So please remember to use only what you need and use water wisely in the valley.

Water System

We have 10 Vertical wells, 2 slant wells, 2 springs, 4 reservoirs for storage, 6 booster stations and 7 standby generators. All of this to provide you water when you need it.