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One 96-gallon refuse cart is provided per equivalent dwelling unit (EDU) to all improved properties within the Big Bear City Community Service District (District) service area. Additional carts can be rented on an annual, or monthly basis up to a maximum total of 3 carts per parcel. Please initial the terms below for the annual or monthly rental according to your request.

Annual Rental: $193.71
Calendar Month Rental: $25 delivery + $16.15 per month
Cash or check payment only.

Annual Rental: Annual cart rental can only be requested by the legal property owner. Payment of the prorated annual rental fee is required in advance of cart delivery, and is non-refundable. The fee for the next tax year will be placed for collection on the property tax bill if removal is not requested before June 30th. Additional cart(s) will remain at the property until removal is requested by the property owner. Contact customer service prior to request.

Monthly Rental: Payment of the rental fee is required in advance of cart delivery, and is non-refundable. Monthly rental fees are based on a calendar month and will not be prorated. For example, if the cart is delivered on May 1 and removed May 31, (kept for the entire calendar month) or delivered on May 15 and removed May 20, (used for 5 days during the calendar month), the cost is the same. The District will automatically schedule the cart for removal on the last working day of the prepaid rental period.

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